They don't know - what is the governing system ?

A winter morning, I started my journey from Nayagarh to Khordha, 60 kms distance between two cities of Odisha. Such an amazing experience of journey to have expressed. On the way of journey I just passed through many villages. Tipura is a village near Itamati under Nayagarh district, where I stopped my bike to collect a little experience. I saw, a group of people burnt fire with pieces of woods and straws to get relief from cold. I also enjoyed the amazing moment with them. They are very cooperative and simple hearten. I listened to them to learn their livelihoods and try to find out their lifestyle. Agriculture is the main earning source of them in a traditional way and no modern scientific methods are adopted. They described their depriveness from several facilities i.e water scarcity, agricultural provisions through scientific process, environmental development, and educational facilities etc. and also alleged to local government. At the time of election, they only know that a governing system has exist in our country. Otherwise, they have been no other way to fulfill their living liabilities without own effort. I have captured a bunch of photographs through my camera lens during my spending times at there and wish to produce a little out of them. Everyone can guess their environmental surrounding, economical background, lacking of education and ancient agricultural method etc. and those are proved our development and implementation.

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