Glorious history says the unique place value of Khordha - Barunei hill and Khordha Fort

Barunei hill at Khordha city in Odisha is associated with the rich history of the state of Odisha. A fort established on the foot of the hill named Khordha Fort, which being the last independent fort in India.

The Britishers had failure to occupied the the fort to their control till the year 1817. It was one of the major fort in ancient Odisha. "Paik Rebellion" in the year 1817 in Khordha was a battle against the Britishers, before 40 years of First Independent War of India in 1857. It is started from Khordha Fort by Odia Paik Pua, an ancient warrior community and brave freedom fighters of Odisha.

Goddess Maa Barunei-Karunei worshiped in a beautiful temple on the middle of the hill, the temple is built by King Ramachandra Dev of Khordha. Swarna Ganga a perennial stream flows down from the hill top through the temple premises. It is a beautiful nature spot of Odisha. Besides a glorious history says the unique place value of Khordha. Now the ancient fort is ruined.

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