Amazing Trip to Simanchalam

I had got chance to visited Vishakhapatanam in Andhra Pradesh last year along with my family. Mainly darshan of Nrusinghnath Temple of Simanchalam near to Vishakhapatanam city at a distance of 18 kms. This is a hill temple of Andhra Pradesh state located on the top of the Lion hill. The hill temple is accessed via a motorable road. At the time of road journey, it was feel amazing !

First Darshan to Lord  Varaha-Lakshminarasingha after reach up the hill Lion, then I tried to collect the history of the temple, legend and photographic evidence of the place. This temple combines the Odishan and Chalukyan features of temple construction. There are as many as 525 inscriptions in this temple. And the presiding deity here is Varaha Lakshminarasimha, combining the iconographic features of Varaha and Narasimha. The image resembles a Shivalingam covered with sandal paste. It is only once a year, during the Chandana Visarjana that the sandal paste is removed, and the image is seen by pilgrims. Legend has it, that the Ugra form of Narasimha as he killed the demon Hiranyakashipu was so fierce that the image is kept covered by sandal paste throughout the year. 

With this tour, I stayed along with my family at Vishakhapatanam for two days. In the next day we had not missed to visit R.K.Beach of the Bay of Bengal, which is the most amazing beach of Andhra Pradesh and then Kailash Giri, such an amazing experience of visit..

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