Legend Says - About Kalijai in Chilika Lake

Legend says, 'Jaai' a newly married girl was going to her in-law's house along with her father and husband. As her in-law's house was on an island named Parikuda-Gada in Chilika Lake, they had to take a boat to ferry them across the Chilika lake. During this boat trip they encountered with a severe Cyclonic storm, as a result their boat capsized in the Chilika Lake. All the boatmen and her father survived this event except for the girl Jaai. They searched for her a lot but were unable to locate her. After this accidental death of that newly wed girl Jaai, she became the Goddess Kalijai. And worshiped as a part of Kali. And this is how the place got its name as Kalijai.

Dr. Radha Charan Panda mentions in his book 'The History of Parikud' (1930) that this temple was built in the year 1717 by Sri Jagannath Mansingh, king of Bankad (currently known as Banapur)

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