Baji Rout-The Youngest Freedom Fighter-A movie was released on YouTube

Prepared By a group of Ravenshawvians
Direction - Riyyan Farooq, Diksha Nayak, Prosari Chanda
Associate Producer- Paresh Kumar Mulia
Executive Director- Sumedha Bordoloi 
Cast - Munaf Hussain as Baji Rout
Swayamprabha Priyadarshini as Bou(Baji's mother)
Sujit Kashyap as Baji's maternal uncle (Baji's Mamu)
"Baji Rout-The Youngest Freedom Fighter" was released on YouTube and has not only achieved fame and success in India but also has got requests from overseas for English subtitle input. The New Indian Express and many other media houses like OTV news has given a wide coverage with a positive acclamation. The movie has got into the reference links in Wikipedia as well within a very short time after its release. Baji Rout is immortal in every Odia's blood and such tribute of Ravenshaw University students has glorified the pride. We guess the last words Baji must have told to his mother would have been " Bou, tu tha, mu asili".

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