Works & Accounts Management Information System

WAMIS (Works & Accounts Management Information System) is an innovative initiative developed by CDAC (Centre for Development of Advenced Computing) Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India for simplification of complex procedure of works and infrastructure management of the Indian States. WAMIS assists in the overall project management and financial management.

WAMIS mainly seeks to reduce duplication of effort and ensure adherence to standards. Which is enhance the flow of information throughout an information system. The system to generate electronically Contractors Bills, Budget estimates, Monthly Accounts and book keeping as per the statutory governmental procedures. Assessment of the Expenditure against the Grants/Allotment received as per the budget, the Physical progress of various projects undertaken by the department with regards to the financials. Increase the efficiency of individual functional wings of the department, achieve integration with the systems of other line departments/Nodal Agencies such as the AG and the treasuries for submission of data digitally and achieve online reconciliation.

Tracking, Processing, Consolidating and Reporting of Financial transactions, Monitoring of financials against physical progress, which reduce burden on businesses by adopting streamlined processes that promote and enable consolidation in data collection. It define measures of success and regularly monitor and measure performance.

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