About StoryLine

Objective : The StoryLine is a web base document belongs to me, to tell “Just About Everything”. It has been designed to express the culture, literature, personal stories and interesting more..

Am Laxminarayan, neither a poet nor a writer, but write something, read everything and collect rare things, that I find interesting. I base my thinking in part on my own evolution, and on identifying the different, quite real thought and sensibility waves. Always, I find out art, culture and literature through my StoryLine. Well, reading enables me to learn about so many things that, I would otherwise not know. I learned about how people lived in bygone days of magic and mystery, the wonders of the world, space stories, human achievements, a study of societies and cultures including other fascinating things. I am an online web content writer with various blogs and websites. Besides, freelance eBook maker/writer, blog/website designer and developer as one part of my digital experience.

This web page is owned, created & designed to express all my literary writings as well as my hobbies. I have organized my short stories, poems, travel stories, and notes on memorable moments, events etc. in digital way. A study of social life, art, culture, science and geographical wonders of the universe. And hope pardon from you, if I have any mistake on my way. ThankYou !

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